Month: January 2018

CHANDANI CHOWK Food Diary Chapter- 1

CHANDANI CHOWK Food Diary Chapter- 1 Food has a very special place in our lives. We work and strive for a primary need called “Food”. On this note, we pledge to enjoy food and also produce videos for you guys to enjoy with us. Here, Let us take you on a food full journey to […]

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow About Food Bloggers

Image Courtesy: FOODIES100 Khane ke shaukeen from Khanekafunda presents a list of Top 10 Food Bloggers in India. Dil thaamkar baithiye dosto because after reading this you might get a Foodgasm* *Conditions Apply: You have to be a food lover to experience it.   1. VEG RECIPES OF INDIA by Dassana Amit     As […]

KURKURE BHEL : An Easy To Make Snack Recipe

  Tedha hai par mera hai! Best Snack Recepie   Sounds familiar? Take a guess. Well! if you thought kurkure then yes you are right. What is the one thing that you love the most about Kurkure? Besides our love for its tedhi medhi shape (irregular shape), it really tastes good, easy to get, don’t […]

Homemade Cake-Easy To Make Cake Recipe

  Homemade Cake-Easy To Make Cake Recipe   Birthday party, wedding celebration, anniversary celebration, bidding farewell, bangle ceremony What is the one thing that is common in all these occasions? If you’re thinking about fun, nice dresses, booze, then, of course, you’re right but what’s one more thing that you get to see or in […]

My True Love “Meri Maggi Noodles”

   My True Love “Meri Maggi Noodles” Maggi aur Mera pehle payar, dono main bas ek hi samanta hai ke dono ki mehek bhulaye nai bhulti. (English: Maggi and my first love have just one thing common and that is I am unable to forget their first fragrance. ) But the best part of the […]