Author: Khane Ke Shauqin
Weight Loss with a Fruit Smoothie

How a Fruit Smoothie helped me in WEIGHT LOSS!

How a Fruit Smoothie helped me in WEIGHT LOSS!   Has it ever happened to you? You step into a new month or even a new week for that matter, thinking this time I am going to eat all healthy and will definitely lose some weight but end up with doing nothing and gaining more […]

Navratri Food

Why We Love Navratri Festival (And You Should, Too!)

  Jai Mata Di !! Jor Se Bolo Jai Mata Di.   Navratri, One of the most Important 9 nights and also the most important festival of Hindu culture is being celebrated across the country with great enthusiasm and spirit. During Navratri festival a lot of rituals are followed in a  very strict manner, like the […]

kiwi smoothie

KIWI SMOOTHIE: Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A Kiwi Smoothie a day keeps the doctor away*. *conditions apply: it has to be a healthy smoothie otherwise, it will take you to the doctor.   For all the smoothie lovers out there, the healthy fruit smoothie recipe that I am going to show you will keep your health in check and it tastes […]