Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )

Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )

Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )


Are your kid’s fussy when it comes to healthy eating? Well! Most of the kids are.

Your kids will love this recipe! We promise this is one of the best healthy food for kids!

They don’t want to eat healthy food and they hate vegetables, especially pulses (lentils ), right?


It becomes really difficult to make them eat what’s good for them.


If you’re also struggling with the same problem then don’t you worry because we are all set to make your kids fall in love with our all-new easy to make a version of daal chawal (pulses and rice).


With our amazing and doctor approved version to cook daal chawal, you’ll definitely make your kids crave for more, we promise. Trust Us.


It is easy to cook, healthy food for kids. Stay with us and keep reading more about the ingredients and recipe!


Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )




Rice: ½ cup

Lentil Pulse: ½ cup

Brown Bread: 2 slices

Brown Bread Crumbs: 1 Cup

Cumin Seeds: 2 tbsp


Black Pepper

Oil for frying



Ready to cook an amazingly healthy food for kids?

Let’s get started!

  • First of all, pressure cook rice and lentil daal to make khichdi. The consistency of the khichdi should be thick.
  • Put 2 tbsp of oil in a pan and sauté the cumin seeds. After 1-2 minutes, add the mixture of khichdi into the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • When the khichdi is ready, add crushed bread slices and mash it properly.
  • Make medium sized balls of the mixture and roll it over the breadcrumbs.
  • Preheat the oil and fry the balls one by one until golden brown. You can also shallow fry the balls in the form of a tikki.
  • Serve hot!


Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )



The combination of cereal and pulse is the perfect example of mutual supplementation. It is a healthy food for kids. It is a complete protein diet and is good for vegetarians.


Here’s why:

Cereals are deficient in Lysine and pulses are deficient in Methionine. The combination of two makes an essential amino acid, required for our body.

The amino acid is not produced by our body, therefore, it has to be fulfilled through our diet.

It not only appeals to the kids but also provides adequate energy, required for their growing body.



Lentil is one of the healthiest dried beans. Quick and easy to prepare, lentil has way more health benefits that we all know.

It is not only good for the kids but also beneficial for the adults. Here are the few health benefits for the adults.


A great source of fiber:

Lentil is high in dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble).

The researches have shown that the soluble fiber helps to flush out BILE responsible for high cholesterol, while the insoluble fiber prevents constipation.


Eat Lentil if you love your heart:

Lentil not only improves your stomach health but also makes sure that your heart remains good and healthy.

Due to the significant amounts of Folate and Magnesium present in these little beans, lentil keeps your heart improves your heart health.


Feeling lethargic? Eat Lentils

In addition to its heart and digestion benefits, the soluble fiber present in the lentil helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

If you have insulin resistance or diabetes, lentils can really help you balance blood sugar levels while providing steady energy.


Helpful for Menstruating Women

Lentil can increase your energy by replenishing your iron stores, particularly for menstruating women.

They are more at risk for iron deficiency, therefore, eating lentil can boost their iron stores.

Do you know what’s the best part?

Lentil is not rich in fat and calories, which means that you can boost your iron level without gaining weight.


Daal Ki Tikki | Lentil Balls ( Healthy Food For Kids )




You can easily shop it from any of the nearby grocery stores or food markets.

If you’re too busy to visit one, then you can shop it online from Amazon as well.

You can either look out for canned or the one you cook.

Unlike canned vegetables, the nutritional value of canned lentils isn’t lost much.

Just make sure that the canned ones do not contain extra salt or additives.

It is recommended to store lentils in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place.

When stored this way, you can keep it for up to 12 months.

Cooked lentils will keep fresh in the refrigerator for about three days provided they are stored in a covered container.


Did you like the recipe for healthy food for kids? Drop comments and don’t forget to share your pictures with us.


Till then,

Take care and stay healthy!



Dt. Kanupreet Arora

Lifetime member Indian Dietetic Association

Consultant dietitian: RG stone and super speciality hospital, Ludhiana

Instagram Profile: Route to Diet (https://www.instagram.com/routetodiet/)



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