My True Love “Meri Maggi Noodles”

Maggi Noodles

   My True Love “Meri Maggi Noodles”

Maggi aur Mera pehle payar, dono main bas ek hi samanta hai ke dono ki mehek bhulaye nai bhulti.

(English: Maggi and my first love have just one thing common and that is I am unable to forget their first fragrance. )

But the best part of the story is that my first love is no more with me but Maggi never let me down and stayed with me in all my ups and downs no matter what. on the other hand, I was also there with her in her ups and downs.

So because of this loyalty Maggi deserves a space in our Midnight Snack Stories.

We all know what is Maggi as Maggi grew along with us. Specially the 90’s Kids.

How many of you remember this ad ?? I bet all 90’s Kids would do.

As time went by, I grew up in life and so did Maggi with me.

I got good marks in class 10th Maggi got good sales that year.

I flunked in one of my exams in graduation so did Maggi.  Maggi faced a drug test and was called of from the markets in the similar way I was called back home from college to prepare for my KT.


But all these ups and downs never reduced our love for each other in-fact in times of distress we were so close to each other, that to fight my midnight cravings Maggi used to be always there by my side.


So this love was, will and would always remain there. Through this blog, I want to share my Maggi love with you and would share my recipes so that you could also feel that love and bonding with Maggi

(this is no brand endorsement, only true love )

Recipe No 1: The Introvert Maggi or Simple Maggi

The Maggi that loves to be alone with its masala. Hates to socialize with other veggies and is in love with ketchup. That’s the Introvert Maggi for you. ( Our all-time favorite )


Maggi Noodles



Ingredients You Need :
  • You need a packet of Maggi noodles with the regular masala flavor.
  • 10gm Amul butter
  • Water
  • Salt as per taste
      How to make it : ( if you don’t know this, then no hopes left, ask your maid to do it )

Step 1 : Take 100 gm of butter in the utensil and put Maggi Masala, Continuously stir for 10-15 seconds.

Step 2: Now add 150 ml of water to the utensil and let the water simmer

Step 3: Now break Maggi into 4 parts and put in the utensil.

Step 4: Now Let the water dry as per your liking.




Recipe No 2: The Extrovert Maggi or Veggie Maggi

Recipe No 3: The Tharki Maggi or Cheese Maggi

Recipe No 4: The Tharki Maggi or Cheese Maggi


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