Why We Love Navratri Festival (And You Should, Too!)

Navratri Food

Navratri Food


Jai Mata Di !! Jor Se Bolo Jai Mata Di.


Navratri, One of the most Important 9 nights and also the most important festival of Hindu culture is being celebrated across the country with great enthusiasm and spirit.

During Navratri festival a lot of rituals are followed in a  very strict manner, like the continuous burning of pious lamp, fasting, staying awake the whole night, worshiping girls and offering some special sweets to goddesses.


KKF throws some light on the rituals to be followed.



Navratri Pious Diya


Burning of Pious Lamp for continuous 9 days is the most important ritual of Navratri. Lamp signifies the source of energy and it is also believed to destroy the negative energies surrounding us.

The lamp is also worshiped as the eternal supreme goddess.



Navratri Thali


Fasting During Navratri is also considered to be an important ritual wherein it is believed that by keeping strict fast will make the goddess happy and will shower her blessings on the individual.

Fasting is not only strict to follow but has its scientific values also.

Scientific Value Of Fasting:   As we all know this is a change of season as winters are going and summer is coming. During this change, the body and digestion process undergoes a change wherein heavy eating or eating non-veg and oily food can deteriorate your health and can destroy your digestion too.

so during this period, the fasting helps you to maintain your digestion and saves you from getting sick. Interesting Right ??



Navratri Garba Dance


During Navratri Festival it is believed that the Divine keeps on fighting with the negative energies and during this period sleeping makes your vulnerable to these negative energies.

This is the reason that during Navratri people enjoy garba and sing songs in the praise of goddess.




All 9 days are considered to be very special and during these days people love to get up early, take a bath and wear new clothes. Men wear dhoti kurta and women wear traditional sarees.

Houses are cleaned and goddess Durga is worshiped with complete spiritual emotion.



Kanya Puja During Navratri


Kanya Puja Or Worshiping girls below the age of 15 is considered to be one of the auspicious rituals as without this ritual the 9-day worship is not considered to be complete.

On ashtami ( eight day ) or On Navami ( Ninth day ) devotees worship the kanyas by washing there feet, offering them gifts in the form of good food and new clothes.  This custom is followed across the country to mark the successful end of this beautiful festival.



Now as they say ” Sab se important pet ki pooja , uske baad karna koi kaam dooja ” ( Food fist work second).

During Navratri after the day’s fast devotees cook satvik food and consume after the sunset.  Mainly as per the rituals you cannot have Ann( flour ), Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Non Veg.

KKF brings to you a variety of Navratri Dishes that you can enjoy, cook and later thank us for the same.

1. Dishes Using Sabudana


1. ( a ) Sabudana Ki Kheer




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